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PASSalert: a Life Saving Device for Everyone

September 5th, 2017 – When it comes to protecting your family or your home the tone changes. People take emergency preparedness seriously in our day and age and there is a reason why deaths related to fire can be dramatically reduced with proper home and office preparedness.

Thanks to the modern times and technology a lot has been made easier and safer for man, another wonderful technological accessory has been fitted to our everyday fire extinguisher to help protect us and our families from fire outbreaks.

The Indiegogo crowd funding and founder of the PASSalert device, Jeff Werner is proud to announce the launch of a new technological accessory; The PASSalert, that is about to change the faith of fire fighting for the best, this device was created by Jeff a Paramedic and Fire fighter, to help reduce damages caused by fire and increase the chances of containing a fire breakout, this device is one of a kind.

This device has been tested and approved by fire fighters and has been certified fit and a necessity for the general public, this device replays an already recorded message, giving you step by step information on how to handle a fire extinguisher, extinguish the fire as well as restore confidence during fire outbreaks as victims are always tensed and scared.

The Importance of this device cannot be over emphasized; the future models will be programmed to notify 911 (Just by pushing a button on the PASSalert).

About Passalert

PASSalert is a fire extinguisher accessory device that has built in wifi capabilities and walks a user through a proper and effective PASS technique. The PASSalert device can clarify what to do in an emergency when users may be scared or forgetful. PASSalert can also instruct someone unfamiliar with a fire extinguisher during an emergency and give the user piece of mind.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Indiegogo and start donating to help this wonderful device come to life.

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Company Name: PASSalert
Contact Person: Jeff Werner (Ceo/founder)
Country: United States

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